What we have done well

Ambitions & Aspirations

What we want to do better


We are fully committed to ensuring the production of our garments is as green as it can be. We are actively working on finding more sustainable materials for our pieces, as well as working alongside our suppliers to reduce the use of water in our supply chain. We are also doing our best to offer less-in-demand sizes on pre-order, to reduce overproduction and deadstock. Meaning we only produce what we’re selling, while also providing a more size inclusive range to our customers.


When it comes to consumption we have lots of big plans in motion. The first being a Mochi rental service, meaning you can loan all of your favourite pieces for a set fee and duration and return them when you’re done. By developing virtual changing rooms, we hope to minimize the amount of returns due to incorrect sizing, and thus reduce the harmful impact of unnecessary shipping. Internally, we are also researching alternative materials for packaging, tags, and labels to ensure sustainability throughout every step of our day to day at Mochi.


Our aim at Mochi is to be the most responsible version of ourselves, and by doing so we really hope we are educating the next generation when it comes to their consumption habits. We also introduced a clothing recycling box earlier this year in an aim to have our customers drop off their unwanted items, which we can then reconstruct into one of a kind pieces, as opposed to them ending up in landfill.