About Mochi

Redefining avant-garde for the modern day woman. Designed in Amsterdam.

Mochi was founded in 2013 as an artisanal label that celebrated cultural, traditional methods of embroidery. We embraced color and adored the people who wore us. While we started as something defined by the boutique team behind it, we grew into a brand that showed at New York Fashion Week and appeared on people with global reach. From humble beginnings, we were soon fulfilling orders for the world’s most revered department stores.

Life, like fashion, was very fast.

Today, we are inspired to return to the feeling those first days gave us as a team. We want to work with pieces from previous collections, prints from designs we no longer produce and combine that creativity with vintage classics discovered from all over the world. An exploration of bold colors and a fervent love of upcycling characterizes Mochi’s collections.

To wear Mochi now is to wear a story that lasts longer than a season.

About Mochi Collections

Mochi presents four different collections: Mochi Reconstructed, Mochi Uplifted, Mochi Signatures and Mochi Finds – organically adding new pieces to each collection throughout the year. Our designs can be described as fun, contemporary,  modern and colorful. We love to play with contrasts and use pre existing stock to create new unique pieces.

Mochi Reconstructed

Vintage pieces and repurposed Mochi fabrics from previous collections combined into one-off creations. A one-off design classic that fuses traditional print and embroidery with quintessential tailoring from the past. Making a circular fashion future possible by creative forms of recycling and re-use. These pieces are (re)created by hand in individual ateliers by a team of talented makers. A collaboration between the knowledge of Mochi and the contemporary personality of Amsterdam.

Finding beauty in waste. Shop all the exclusive Mochi Reconstructed pieces here >

Mochi Uplifted

Hand selected unwanted fabrics that are used to create seasonless drops throughout the year. Conscious collections that are created with the planet in mind.

Shop our beautiful new Uplifted collection here >

Mochi Signatures

Seasonless favorites from Mochi’s most coveted collections. Sold as is. Showcasing the best of the past, with exclusivity in mind. By celebrating cultural and traditional methods of embroidery, our never out of style view towards every Mochi design means every piece is a collectible. Making it possible to work at a more organic pace as a team for the sake of our creativity and to reduce our impact on the environment.

To wear Mochi now is to wear a story that lasts longer than a season. Shop timeless Mochi Signature items here >

Mochi Finds

Hand selected vintage items sought out for their timeless fit and alluring character. Based on the belief that fashion items are no longer disposable, but part of a continuous cycle of inspiration. We want to give every piece longevity allowing people to be a part of circularity with the notion of reusing, reinventing and reviving.

Vintage pieces, never to be repeated, endlessly loved. Here you can shop all our Mochi Finds >