Mochi Reconstructed Journey

Reduce, Reuse and Upcycle

Mochi is a contemporary brand that is devoted to being the most responsible version of itself. A space to embrace circular fashion, the Mochi Store is situated in the center of Amsterdam; a city known for creativity, sustainability and innovation. It felt perfect for the new Mochi direction.

It is important to us to be able to share with you our story by giving you a deeper look into the workmanship of each piece highlighting its unique process of reduce, reuse and upcycle.

To bring about positive change, we need to work together and deviate from the beaten track. At Mochi, we are constantly experimenting and looking for innovative ways to reconstruct existing fabrics and materials, giving them a second life by creating a new version of it.

By choosing to create locally, with our own resources and the support of other independent ateliers; we ensure you receive high quality products following the most stringent EU-regulations regarding use of labor, facilities and impact on the environment. Mochi wants to create from a foundation of respect for both the people and environment.

How it starts

The process always begins with a sketch that comes to life when a pattern is made.

A one-off design classic that fuses traditional print and embroidery with quintessential tailoring from the past. These pieces are re-created by hand using vintage pieces and repurposed Mochi fabrics from previous collections by a team of talented makers. A collaboration between the knowledge of Mochi and the contemporary personality of Amsterdam.

Finding beauty in waste

Every design begins with the sourcing of materials, internally from our own Mochi archive and unique sourced vintage pieces that are cut and combined together. We aim to use every component of the fabrics leaving almost nothing to waste. Once the pattern is developed and the fabric is carefully cut in shape; the individual parts that form the design of the piece are sewn together turning it into a one off re-constructed sample creation.

Every sample is used to create similar pieces; all Mochi Reconstructed pieces are unique, made specially for each individual customer, 100% reworked and upcycled. It's important to note features and colors of each piece vary due to their unique nature making the owner of this reconstructed piece special.

After completion, the piece makes its way from production to quality control; at this stage, each item is carefully assessed to make sure that the piece meets Mochi’s standards. Finally, the items are neatly folded, nicely packaged and prepared for shipment to your doorstep.

We are proud of our pre-order system, making each piece personal and creating a more conscious and responsible production line. The lead time from pre-order to shipment is approximately 4-6 weeks. For any additional questions regarding your pre-order contact View and shop the full Mochi Reconstructed collection here >