About the Brand, Designing with a conscience...

Mochi is a truly distinctive brand that brings the many different cultures of the world to light. Every collection is handcrafted by local artisans using traditional methods of embroidery to create contemporary pieces. Established in 2013, Mochi has grown to become an internationally renowned name, symbolizing fun, integrity, unity and empowerment. 

Mochi draws its inspiration from being immersed in the cultures and communities where each individual collection is born. By supporting local talents, new jobs are created, partnerships are made and opportunities are turned into reality and quality of life is improved. Behind every collection is a story, a unique journey and a rich heritage.

Today, the brand features many signature adult ready to wear collections and a vibrant children’s diffusion line, Mini Mochi. Mochi continues to expand its global presence and has proudly participated in London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Mochi remains committed to creating awareness about its philanthropic journey through its aesthetic works of art which capture the very essence of humanity.

Ayah Tabari, An Eye For The Extraordinary

Mochi’s Founder and Designer, Ayah Tabari is originally from Palestine, however she was raised between Amman and Riyadh before studying in London and eventually settling in Dubai. It was being exposed to such a mix of cultures that first fueled Ayah’s drive for original fashion, art and design. She developed a flair for finding and inevitably creating eccentric and colorful clothing and accessories.

She wanted to design a clothing line that was unlike any other, one with a meaningful foundation combined with something that could be practical and easily transformed from day to night. Her seamless and chic designs always stand out. Her charisma and optimism are embedded into every work of art.

Mochi's Ethical Message, Every thread has a tale

Mochi was born to support stitching communities and their talented and intricate work across the world. We travel extensively to different destinations, familiarize ourselves with the cultures and traditions in order to design a collection that truly and authentically represents its origins. We aim to assist these communities by creating jobs and opportunities for work and growth among these women in hopes of contributing to their well-being, morale, standard of living and purchasing power.

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