Reduce, Reuse and Upcycle.

It isn’t just a catchy slogan to us, we actually mean business when it comes to reworking vintage pieces, and turning them into unique, one-off Mochi designs.

Every Mochi Reconstructed piece begins with a sketch. The process of making this sketch come alive starts with the careful selection of a unique, vintage item and fabrics from our own Mochi archive, and the design of a pattern. Our team of talented makers redesign and rework these pieces by hand, using their expert tailoring skills, often combining them with traditional handwork. During the design process we make sure we waste as little material as possible and we try our best to use every last piece of the fabrics.

Once the pattern has been developed and all the fabrics and materials have been selected and cut, the individual parts are turned by hand into a one-off, reconstructed sample. This sample is used as the prototype to create similar items, which means that every single Mochi Reconstructed piece is a unique and bespoke creation, made for every client individually. This means that colours and certain design details may vary from piece to piece, turning them into truly one-of-a-kind designs.

After completion, the piece makes its way from production to quality control, where every item is carefully assessed to ensure that it meets our strict quality standards. Once it gets the thumbs-up, the item is neatly folded and beautifully wrapped to prepare it for the journey to its new home.

When you buy a Mochi Reconstructed piece, you don’t just buy an item of clothing. You buy a unique design, lovingly crafted by hand, using only pre-existing materials.

Pre-order system

We are very proud of our pre-order system, which ensures that every Mochi Reconstructed piece is a unique and bespoke creation, and also contributes to a more conscious and responsible production line. The lead time from pre-order to shipment is approximately 4-6 weeks. For any additional questions regarding your pre-order contact
Finding beauty in waste
Unique & Special pieces

Every design begins with the sourcing of materials, internally from our own Mochi archive and unique sourced vintage pieces that are cut and combined together. We aim to use every component of the fabrics leaving almost nothing to waste. Once the pattern is developed and the fabric is carefully cut in shape; the individual parts that form the design of the piece are sewn together turning it into a one off re-constructed sample creation.