Jan Shirt 06


This unique Mochi Reconstructed Jan Shirt is a one-of-a-kind creation, made entirely from recycled garments dropped off at the Mochi Store Recycling box. The highly intricate design of this shirt combines Mochi fabric with hand-selected vintage shirts and features an embroidered Jaipur oversized collar reconstructed from a Mochi Signature piece.

The Jaipur embroidery used is a decorative tribal textile technique combining chain stitch, appliqué, and mirror-like insertions, originating from Gujarat. This adds an artisanal touch to the already unique design of the shirt, as it was crafted from two different vintage shirts to create a highly intricate piece.

Get your hands on this limited edition shirt, which not only celebrates Earth Day but also promotes sustainable fashion.

Please note that the shirts used are sourced vintage, and imperfections may occur.

Product details & fit

<ul><li>Boxy slim fitted waist blazer with shoulder pads&nbsp;</li><li>Embroidered Suzani sleeves and collar&nbsp;</li><li>Embroidered details on collar-flap&nbsp;</li><li>Long puff sleeves with adjustable strings&nbsp;</li><li>Adjustable strings made of blazer fabric&nbsp;</li><li>Button front closure&nbsp;</li><li>V shaped neckline&nbsp;</li></ul>

Fabric & Care

<ul><li>30% Cotton, 70% Polyester</li><li>Do not hand wash</li><li>Do not machine wash</li><li>Do not tumble dry</li><li>Do not bleach</li><li>Dry clean only</li></ul>

Style Notes

<ul><li>One size (XS up to M)</li></ul>